We are constantly updating and maintaining our range of products from toiletries to cough and cold medicine, vitamins to gift sets.

And, for our unique student demographic, we accommodate even your stationery, as well as, your caffeine needs.

Browse through the items below to find out more information about the bestsellers we have store.  


Looking to quit smoking? Nicorette offers a range of products such as gum, lozenges, inhalators and patches to help you cut down and eventually, quit smoking. 

Alternatively ask our pharmacist for information on the free NHS smoking cessation service.


We try to keep as many products as we can that will help people during this difficult, worrying time.


Continue to check back here or on our social media for updates on what's available!


Face Masks

Surgical masks and visors.

Re-usable masks.

See our social media pages for updates on this.

Protective face shields.


Disposable powder-free gloves available in all sizes.


hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser in various sizes.

Anti-bacterial wipes.


Digital thermometers in stock. 

Infrared thermometers available to order.



We offer a large range of CBD products ranging from gummy drops to flavoured tea.

All of our CBD products are free from THC which ensures full benefit.

As well as a full range of products from RETHINK CBD, we have recently partnered with HEALTHY HEMP, who are a local business based in Edinburgh. Currently, they are expanding their range which will soon be available to able to buy in our store. 


better you- vitamins

Better You is an innovative natural health company specialising in providing a variety of products to supplement a number of key nutrients being missed in our every day lives. 

Forms of products include the highly recommended spray vitamins as well as lotions, oils ad gels. 

At Bristo Square Pharmacy we stock a selection of products from the brand, and, if there are any you would like to try that we don't have in store, we would be able to order them in!



Recognising that many people are looking for alternatives forms of sanitary protection, we now sell Mooncups.

As an eco-friendly, and more economical option, the Mooncup has already gained popularity. 

If you have been considering a change or would like to find out more, we offer further information in store. 

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This pharmacy is owned by The University of Edinburgh (Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH8 9YL)